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  • What better day to go fishing for discussion on a few UNC-related topics ...

    Gimme your thoughts on these questions. Write-in candidates also welcome.

    1. UNC athlete with the best pro potential (limited sports here)

    Gio Bernard
    Jonathan Cooper
    James Michael McAdoo
    Reggie Bullock

    2. Up-and-coming UNC signee/commitment/redshirt/newcomer you're most looking forward to seeing

    Isaiah Hicks
    Mitch Trubisky
    T.J. Logan
    Marcus Paige
    Phillip Williamson (OK, he's not my No. 1, but I've always been super high on him)

    3. Reasonable recruiting target you most want UNC to sign

    Going to leave this one open-ended.

  • 1. Joel James (write in)
    2. Trubisky. Logan is a close second, but TJ Thorpe may keep him quiet for a while.
    3. D-Hand all day! Nothing better than a nasty end rusher.

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  • 1. Im going to go with Reggie! He's been my favorite player since he arrived on campus and you gotta love where his game is headed. He was a three point specialist as a freshman who transitioned to three point specialist and lock down defender. He was also quietly a great rebounder for a wing and showed flashes of an ability to get into the lane fairly easily. This year I think we see him blossom into an all around player and vault himself into lottery consideration. His combination of size and ability will lead him to becoming an all star at the 2 at the next level. Im hoping like heck he ends up in a Bobcats uniform! I know my Cats suck but m Carolna all the way!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Joel James definietly! Since Roy starting recruiting him hard Joel worked very hard to get himself in shape for UNC. That kind of commitment from someone who is in high school tells me this kid is serious about his game and is going to be someone who can be relied on early on. I think he will start a majority of the games this year next to JMM and he will lead our team in rebounding and all around nastiness. As soon as he realizes that he's the strongest guy and the court most nights I think he will become an unstoppable post scorer also. Gonna be great to finally have someone to bang with Reggie Johnson of Miami!

    3. Been drinking that Carolina Cool-aide early this morning so I'm going to go with Sony Michel! His tape is amazing and he'd be even better than Gio in the Fed Spread. I know it will be a HUGE task but I feel if we can build a relationship with him and have him come in next year to see GIO go off a couple of times and get some Heisman recognition it'd be enough to pry him for the SEC! Of course in reality I know Im dreamin but everyone else is gonna go with the obvious like North, Crowder, Hand, Blanding and Grier so I figured I'd turn it up a lil bit! GO HEELS! And lets hope Sony makes Chapel Hill his college playstation!

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  • Great picks but give me some insight, I love to see other people's train of thought!

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  • Thanks Doc.

    I think Joel has the size to be dominant in the NBA, and he's already got touch for a new to basketball guy. Mentally, we know he's a worker and I just feel like he's destined for greatness. Basketball is increasingly becoming a game of numbers, reach, height, weight, vertical etc etc... As the players get bigger, the court shrinks and the basket get lower, and size matters more than skill. Anthony Davis is not a "polished" or even exceptionally skilled player, but his measurables are great. Joel IMO also has what you can't teach, SIZE. And from what I gather he's got a nasty streak the size of Coach K's nose. He's already almost as big as D-Howard and he's 18?!

    Logan is someone I don't hear too much about, but when I do it's always "wow, this kid makes plays unlike anyone i've seen in a loooong while." His numbers each game are staggering, and from what I can gather he just has that football savvy... Knows how to run well, make people miss and generally blow up a football game. Seems to me, much like Switzer, like a guy who is a special FOOTBALL player. May not have the best measurables but he is dirty between the white lines. The reason I say Logan may keep him quiet for a minute is b/c Logan is special too (freshman All-American) and they'll be fighting for the same spot.

    Hand is easy... Number one recruit in the country and to me D-Line is where you win championships. The mid-atlantic has always produced great D-Lineman, and when we were dominant with Mack we had the best D-Line in the country every year. That's how South Carolina has gotten prominent after years of mediocrity. D-Line is a place we can excel with the athletes in our region, and getting Hand would send a clear message that we're emphasizing our nasty streak.

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  • Great insight Charleston and I agree with you 100% on Joel! How long is his wingspan btw? If we can get him to where he's feared as a post defender as well as scorer I think he's a top 10 pick in his sophomore or junior year. And with great post big men becoming increasingly instinct in the NBA Joel could definitely get there and dominate. By the time he gets the Dwight will be on his way out and Bynum will be the only truely dominant post guy so Joel will be a much needed commodity!

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  • I Think after their redshirts __Williamson,,Mastromatteo and Joe Jackson__ will be fully ready to battle anyone for the positions at Hand! I like Williamson too!

  • I wanna see what Jackson does! He will a wild card for our D IMO.

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  • 1. I know I may be biased because I just can't get enough of Gio but I think he could be a great asset to any team in the NFL. I could see him on the field immediately as a return man and work his way in to the runnin back rotation for most teams.

    2. The new guy that I'm most excited to see in this offense is TJ Logan. I think he will score a few long touchdowns before it is all said and done next season. This seems to be the type of guy we let other offenses come and steal every year. (Gurley AND Marshall last year, Kenan Allen, etc) This year we didn't let anyone steal Logan from us and he has the speed that we are looking for.

    3. Now as for a recruit that I think we need.. Sony Michel, as someone said before, would absolutely KILL it in our offense. I think that if we could pull him aboard that we wouldn't be stopped on offense. That being said I can't say that he would be better for us to get than Hand. I think that it has to be a tie between Hand and Sony. They would both bring our program to a higher level, that's for sure.

  • 1) I really like Renners opportunities as a pro. He has the chance to really put Carolina QBs on the radar.

    2) Ryan Switzer is the new recruit I look forward to the most. The kid is lightning in a bottle and will be a terror in open space.

    3) North- We need to sign the top recruits in state. If we get one the kids next year will look at us harder.

  • 1) Cooper - Coop doesn't get enough recognition for how good he is. I haven't said, "Damn it, Coop!" during a game since the chic fil a kick off against LSU. Coop does a very well at pass blocking, but kills it in run blocking at the second level. If I am measuring best pro-potential, I think an interior lineman like Coop can have long successful career.

    2) Can I go with two position groups w/ players listed alphabetically?

    2a) DT - Naraiz Jones, Jarran Reed and Greg Webb. I believe a good edge rush starts in the middle with players that command double teams and get pressure up the middle. The key is to have good depth and having the ability to rotate those big guys, keeping them fresh.

    2b) Dez Lawerence and Brian Walker. Two words - cover corners!

    I know that is cheating.

    3) For 2013 - Marquez North

    However, I would LOVE to flip Smoke.

    For 2014 - De'Shaun Hand. We need to get elite on the edge!

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