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Butch Davis Contract Details & Payout:

  • This was handed out by a UNC official after the presser this morning:

    Coach Davis' Employment Agreement calls for the University to immediately pay him $270,417. Before the end of calendar year 2011, the University will pay Coach Davis (a) an additional $13,083, which is the pro rata share of his retention bonus, plus (b) an additional $650,000 in supplemental compensation payments.That's a total 2011 payment of $933,500.

    The University will owe Coach Davis an additional $590,000 each January 15, starting in 2013 and concluding in 2015.

    These amounts would be reduced by any compensation that Coach Davis might earn for coaching in a college or professional football program.

    The maximum total that Coach Davis could receive is $2,703,500.

    All payments to Coach Davis will be made by the Department of Athletics. No state funds will be involved.

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