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***A great cause to support: Kids2Carolina***

  • Although this organization didn't start on this board it's still a great cause that ALL UNC fans should take time to research and think about supporting......

    Welcome to Kids2Carolina

    Mission: To enrich the lives of underprivileged youth by providing access to a world-class university and state of the art athletic venues. Through attending athletic events and experiencing a “Carolina Game day”, kids in our community will have the opportunity to be a part of a college setting, inspiring them to be on a path to higher education!

    Why donate?

    1. It gives underprivileged kids an opportunity to see a world-class college campus and experience “Carolina Game day” which will instill in them the goal to attend college.

    2. Your donation will create young Tar Heel enthusiasts, who will become life-long fans, students, alumni and future university educational and athletic donors.

    3. It provides those children who are less fortunate an afternoon/evening of fun in beautiful Kenan Stadium, The Dean Dome or Boshamer Stadium.

    4. It fills up our stadium and helps those Tar Heels who think it’s too hot or too rainy to use their tickets.

    5. Because the Tar Heel community continuously steps up to the challenge to provide those in need with a great opportunity.

    Kids2Carolina - Tar Heels helping young fans

    Kids2Carolina helps underprivileged youth attend UNC Tar Heel home games! Giving them a chance to witness great athletics, while also experiencing a college setting!

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  • JLeg,

    Im glad you posted this. I was about to ask today if something could be posted on it. It is a wonderful cause. The guys that run it got great feedback, starting as early as halftime of the Elon game. I have donated to it two times, and donated a set of mens soccer season tickets. EVERYONE on here can spare $10 to help make a kids day! Their list of request for tickets is HUGE. Their goal for the Idaho game is 1k tickets, plus they are feeding about 250 kids, and getting gift bags and a guest speaker! This is a cause everyone here shoule really be able to get behind.

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  • Really appreciate CB and Jon in particular for helping us spread the word.

    At this point in time the response has been overwhelming.
    In total we have received well over 1000 ticket requests. There are 100's of kids still on the waiting list. We are working hard to raise the funds needed to send them all. It would be awesome to say that UNC fans helped to send 1000, 1500, or even 2000 kids to a game.

    We need help!

    -If you haven't donated...please jump in.
    -Spread the word in your community to those who are willing and able to donating to the cause!
    -Email this link to those who would be interested in contributing:
    -Suggest a sponsor to Brian Chacos:
    -Purchase advertising space on the website (hyperlink to your company's website, logo representation, etc) through Brian Chacos:

    Thanks to all the Carolina fans who love the Heels and are helping to fill the stadium and inspire kids!