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'Where We Need To Be'

CHAPEL HILL – Larry Fedora broke down standouts from the scrimmage on Saturday and when freshman Quinshad Davis might get on the field.

Martin was mentioned as a scrimmage standout

Standouts from the scrimmage on Saturday:

“We had some good and bad things. It was your typical first scrimmage. It opened a lot of freshmen’s eyes as far as the tempo, intensity and everything that it takes to sustain that.

Kareem Martin did some really nice things. (Kevin) Reddick was all over the field making plays. He was everywhere. (Eric) Ebron made some really nice plays. 26 (Gio Bernard) made some really nice plays. Jonathan Cooper did some really good things.”

How have the tight ends been contributing in the offense?

“That’s the one position where we have good quality depth. We have enough depth to get us through the season and play well.

“Ebron is playing well. Jack Tabb is really a solid football player and (Fitzpatrick) is doing a heck of a job. I’m really pleased with all of them.”

On Tim Jackson:

‘He’s grown into the inside. He was a defensive end that still has the explosiveness now that we’ve moved him inside to tackle. He really gives us some depth inside and is vying for a starting spot right now.”

Freshman DE Jessie Rogers is seeing 2nd team reps

Freshman DE Jessie Rogers:

‘He had 5 tackles in the scrimmage and the reps that he got. He’s really, really doing a nice job. I think he’s proved to this point in camp that he’s going to be a contributor on the defense.’

On Peyton Jenest getting 1st team snaps at center:

‘Probably the first series the balls were all high and he was all over the place and then settled down and did a nice job. The center is like the quarterback of the offensive line and you get thrown out there and have to be the guy is tough. But I think he did a nice job with it.’

On Travis Hughes potential:

‘He has to be one of those guys that flies around and knocks the crap out of everyone. He’s got great speed and he is a ballhawk but right now it’s making sure that you play within the defense. You have to do what you’re required to do to make it work.’

On being where they want to be:

‘We’re 12 practices in. They’re tired, sore, frustrations with coaches being on them and they’re tired of hitting each other. It’s a good thing and it’s exactly where we need to be right now.’

Heralded freshman WR Quinshad Davis could be practicing by Wednesday

On getting Brennan Williams and Shawn Underwood back

‘It’s nice to have them back and we got Travis Bond a bunch of reps at the right tackle position in case he has to go there. Some younger guys stepped up like Landon Turner and (Caleb) Peterson who are ally vying for those spots. We’re getting them reps which is good.’

On walk-on WR Mark McNeil’s progress:

‘He’s a bigger guy at about 6-4, 205 and he’s tough. He’s not scared and he’ll go in there and battle. There’s going to be a place for guys like that.

‘[McNeil is also a lax player] and we’ll take all comers. If you can be on the track team and help us then we’d love to have you and visa versa. If you’re on the football team and can help the track team then we’d love to have you or in any sport. The more of that we get the better we’ll be.’

On freshman WR Quinshad Davis getting medically cleared:

‘I think we’re really close. There’s a couple signatures that we need and we should be ready to go. I’m anticipating him being out here on Wednesday. That’s what I’ve been told.

‘We don’t have much depth out here and we need that body out there and we need him learning. We hope that he’s going to contribute.’

On Jabari Price:

‘He’s that boundary corner that should be able to make a lot of players for us. He’s physical and he’s made a bunch of plays already in camp. He just needs to work on being consistent. If he can do that every day then he’s got a chance to be a really good player.’

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