Postgame Quotes: UNC vs Ga. Tech

North Carolina coach Larry Fedora spoke with reporters following UNC's 28-20 loss to Georgia Tech.

Opening Statement:
“We have a lot of opportunities to finish the game off and didn’t get it done. We’ve got to back tomorrow, evaluate the film, look at it, make the corrections, and we’ve got to get better.”

On the team’s offensive struggles in the second half:
“Some of it was shooting ourselves in the foot. We didn’t make every catch that we needed to make. We didn’t make every throw we needed to make, and we didn’t make every block that we needed to make. They got better pressure on the quarterback, and that was really disappointing.”

Did the touchdown callback affect the team?
“You hope not, because that’s just part of the game. That’s adversity. We talk about (overcoming) adversity all the time. You just have to put it behind you and move on. If it is affecting us mentally, then we’re doing a poor job dealing with the adversity.”

On holding the ball only eight of the final 35 minutes
“We were poor on our side (on third down conversions), too many third-and-outs. They did a nice job of moving the chains on their side. When you get them in a situation like that, that’s what they’re best at, getting three yards, four yards, and moving the chains. You’ve got to give them credit there. I thought our defensive played extremely hard throughout the game. Late in the game, we started missing some tackles, and that hurt us.”

Were the missed tackles part of being worn down or …?
“That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer. I know this, I thought our staff put them in position to make plays. I thought guys were there. It’s not like we didn’t have answers to what they were doing. I thought we had guys where they were supposed to be, and then you just have to make the tackle.”

Would you have liked to have been up more than six points after the first quarter?
“Well, yeah, you like to have been, but we weren’t. You can’t worry about it, you either are or you aren’t. So you have to get the energy level back going where it needed to be in the second half like it was in the first half, and just keep playing. I didn’t feel like we had that.”

Did the weather play into your offensive scheme?
“It wasn’t like we made a call or changed a call because of the weather. We pride ourselves in doing what we’re going to do no matter what the weather. You can’t control it. We didn’t change anything. I thought we took care of the ball pretty well.”

On the philosophy of trying the two-point conversion after the first touchdown?
“If it’s there, take it. If it’s not, don’t. Line back up and kick it. It was there, and we didn’t execute. The guy was open. We’re fine, you just have to execute. We’re not going to coach scared, we’re going to coach to win football games. We’re always going to be aggressive, you just have to make the dang play. It’s there.”

On failure to be effective running the ball:
“It’s a combination of things. It starts up front with your offensive line and your running backs. That’s where it is, and blocking on the perimeter, and doing the little things. We’re not doing those things successfully. We have to be much better in that area, as we’ve said each and every week, and it’s becoming a trend.”

On losing a close game:
“I don’t know. I don’t find anything easier in getting blown out. Every game that you lose, you have opportunities to win. We did not take advantage of those opportunities, so that is disappointing. Disappointing but not discouraging. Every thing out there is correctable. We can play better, coach better. We’ve got to do that and get better in a hurry.”

On Heck’s hold:
“I didn’t see it. Evidently it was a hold.”

On maybe challenging the spot in the fourth quarter:
“I thought about it, I talked to the official and he said the guy was looking at it, and we let it go.”

On the first touchdown:
“They said he broke the plane with the ball. Every single one of those things were close, and every one of them went their way. It is what it is. You don’t have any control over that.”

On Ebron’s performance:
“Eric made a lot of plays for us today, and then they started changing up what they were doing coverage-wise to take him away. When that starts happening, we need guys on the outside to step up.”

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