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Great Scott

Not just any true freshman can come in and start at one of the toughest positions to play on the football field but that’s what Tim Scott did and did well against JMU.

Scott finished the JMU game with five tackles which was good to be tied for second on the team

Q: How was your transition from high school to UNC?
“In high school, things come a little easier to you workouts and practice wise. But here you’re competing with the best people out of every high school. Everyone here was the best so if you take a day off then you’re just hurting yourself really. I just came in focused and ready to lift, run or whatever I needed to do to get where I’m at and that really helped when it came to the first game.”

Q: What was it like running out of the tunnel with the smoke and the fans?
“It’s different definitely. In high school you just run out in a line and then now there’s smoke and thousands of people cheering. At first my stomach was hurting a lot and then when I came out of the smoke it felt normal to me.”

Q: Did you come to UNC thinking you would be starting your first college game?
“I really didn’t expect anything. I just wanted to come in and work hard and what ever happened happened. I just wanted to do my best and apparently I did well enough to earn a starting spot for the first game.”

Q: Take me through finding out you were going to start against JMU.
“At first I was excited. As a freshman I didn’t expect to get much playing time but then coach came up to me and told me that I was starting for the JMU game and that’s when I got really excited. The days went by and the game was getting closer and that’s when I started to get real nervous. Night after night my stomach started to hurt even more because I didn’t know what to expect. People were telling me in college that people were going to be faster, bigger and stronger and game-wise it was going to be even faster. I really didn’t know what to expect so I just focused and took everything more serious than high school and the game came and I just felt really confident.”

Q: What was the hardest transition to make from high school to college?
“The biggest was probably the mental part of it. There are so many concepts in the routes and all the extra stuff that they do. In high school it was so simple but in college you’ll call one play but they’ll switch up within two seconds and they’ll keep switching up until the play starts. So if you’re able to get that down then the physical part will come easy.”

Q: How do you think you did in the first game? Things you want to work on?
“I think I need to work on my coverage but tackling wise I think I did pretty well with five tackles (tied for second on the team). I’ve never had a problem sticking my head in on the ball so that wasn’t a problem. But I noticed that the receivers were way faster than what I expected so I just need to work on my coverage.”

Q: What is it going to mean to have a guy like Charles Brown back?
“Charles is one of the best corners that I’ve ever seen. Even though he couldn’t play in the first game he was just guiding me through the practices and telling me what to expect. He was just telling me to get focused and giving me the keys to the game.”

Q: How much does he improved the secondary by being able to play?
“I think he’ll improve it a lot. It won’t be a really good choice if you throw the ball his way. We were watching film and he knows every little thing from the yardage to when they run it to how they run it. He knows the little things that others people don’t notice.”

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