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Fedora on instal, tempo & Twitter

Chapel Hill -- Larry Fedora's coaching staff has almost completed their offensive and defensive installations for the spring. How is the team handling all the new info?

Q: How is the team taking to the pace of practice?
“I think their heads are smoking right now. We’ve had four days of install and we’re throwing everything at them. I think their effort has been really good. Their attitude has been great and their working extremely hard. There’s a lot of frustration and that’s a good thing.

Q: Bryn said that the pace has been ‘beyond words.’ How have the last three practices gone?
“On a scale of 1-10 I think we’re at about a 6. We’ve got a long way to go but we’ll get better. You have a bunch of guys right now that are giving everything they’ve got and are working extremely hard but they’re having to think the entire time their playing. They aren’t able to react and able to be the athlete that they are. It limits what they can do.”

Q: Do you see a drop off in comprehension after a couple days of install?
“Yeah because it’s been four straight days of install where you’re adding a whole new day on offense, defense and special teams. You can’t concentrate on what you did on Monday because Wednesday is a whole new set of plays, tempos and everything. They have to move on but also be studying, on their own, what they did before. Half of the practice Friday will be scrimmaging to find out where we are as a football team. Then we’ll go back and re-teach stuff heavily.”

Q: Are you finished with installation?
“We aren’t done but we have a majority of what we’re going to install this spring at this time.”

Q: What is going to be done the rest of the practices?
“A lot of it will be re-teaching but we’ll still be installing a few things as we go. Part of this is figuring out what we have and what we can do. What these quarterbacks, running backs, offensive line etc … every team is different so we have to be able to mold everything around the personnel that we have.

Q: What are some areas of growth?
“There’s not an area that I don’t see growth. Everyone has improved because they know something. Before they knew nothing and that’s what we have to remember. These guys are starting from scratch. Everyday just little things of where we go on the practice field. When the horn blows where do we go next. Eventually that will be second nature but they’re actually thinking about where they have to be on the field. But they’re learning and we’ll get better every day.”

Q: Who are some guys that might be good in the Bandit and Ram roles?
“We’re working some guys in but today was our first day in full pads and we’ll know more Friday when guys have to think when they’re having to compete. But at the same time it’s baby steps.”

Q: And a depth chart?
“We really don’t have a depth chart right now. We have guys in positions but there are no real clear-cut ones, twos or threes. We’re just trying to make sure that everyone learns it and then as we go we’ll figure out who is learning it and who is competing.”

Q: Special teams?
“It really goes for everything. Every position on the field is like that. There isn’t a position where anyone has a secure spot in any of the three phases.”

Q: As you learn some of the guys persolities, what do you think about Brennan Williams?
“He has a very unique personality. I know that. I let the seniors pick out the music and everything is going pretty well and then all of a sudden a Frank Sinatra song comes on. And I said ‘who,’ and of course it was Brennan. He wears a Ninja Turle backpack and usually his fingernails are black and he changes his hair color every so often. He’s a very unique individual.”

Q: How much more of an understanding do players have now versus day 1?
“I would say about 180-degrees. It’s on the other side of the spectrum. We actually know something and on Day 1 we knew nothing. We can call a cadence and get the ball snapped and on defense we can get aligned. The punt team can line up and we’ve learned quite a bit.”

Q: How do you break down practice?
“We grade every single play of practice. We’ll go in grade every player on every play so it takes quite a bit of time but that’s the only way we can evaluate right now. With the tempo we’re trying to go at weren’t not going to be able to evaluate when were on the field.”

Q: How did the team respond being it was the first day in full pads?
“They responded the same way they did on the first and second day and that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for an even … I want us to be here (raises hand) all the time. I don’t want us to be here on Day 1 and then here (lowers hand) on Day 3 and then here on Day 5 (raises hand). I want us to be even all the way through.”

Q: Have you ironed out how the defensive calls will be made?
“We’re still working on it. Right now both guys (Dan Disch and Vic Koenning) are still calling everything. We’re just trying to get everything installed and then we’ll come back and work on the finer things.”

Q: Why are you on twitter and how do you use it?
“I’m on because I think the fans enjoy it and I know the recruits pay attention to it. It’s just away to continue to promote the program.”

Q: Have you outlined a social media policy for the team?
“We have a policy but the main thing is you know the difference between right and wrong. The things in the meeting room aren’t meant for the public. We don’t have a team meeting broadcast and it’s not meant for twitter or facebook. They just have to be smart about what they put out there for everyone to see. But you have to remember these guys are 18, 19, 20 years old and mistakes are going to be made.

“I’m fortunate that I didn’t have to grow up with twitter and I didn’t have to put up with what these guys have to deal with.”

Q: Do you follow any of the players?
“No. I follow two of my three daughters. The third one will not let me follow here. She blocked me out (laughes).”

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